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Brushless Motors with Controllers

Servo Control Simplified

Until recently setting up a brushless servo system involved selecting a motor, drive, controller and figuring out the mounting, cabling, connecting, tuning and programming. The whole selection and programming process seemed to be something you needed an advanced degree to accomplish.

Advances in electronics are now allowing integration of the motion controller and driver into the servomotor case. This assures proper sizing of the motor/controller and leaves only the application questions to answer.

Building the controller electronics into the motor case offers additional advantages such as reduced footprint, eliminated cabling, plug-in simplicity, ease of troubleshooting and reduced cost.

The 65mm CI model marketed by Dynetic Systems of Elk River, Minnesota (, is a brushless DC servomotor (BLDC) with integrated motion controller, driver and Hall sensors for rotor-position recognition. It provides a continuous output power of up to 130W and is available with a right angle or planetary gearbox allowing you to achieve peak torques (at the output shaft) of more than 7Nm.

This servomotor has a discrete I/O-interface and a CAN-Bus interface. The communication protocol is according to the CAN-Open standard.

The combination of digital I/O�s with a CAN-Bus interface allows the operation of the servomotor in various operating modes. The following operating modes are possible:

  • Stand alone mode:
    A predefined motion profile that is stored in the motor is controlled and executed by digital Inputs and Outputs (I/O�s).
  • Embedded profiles, CAN-controlled mode:
    A predefined motion profile is executed by commands that are submitted to the motion controller by CAN-Bus. Up to one thousand motion profiles and their parameters can be defined and stored in the servomotor.
  • CAN-controlled mode:
    In this mode the servomotor is actively controlled through CAN-Bus via a CAN master linked to the PLC. The servomotor is controlled by commands from the CAN master sent live to the motor.

Example of a stored profile in an integrated controller servomotor:

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