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Land, Sea, or Air, whatever your needs are in motion control, SL Montevideo is prepared to deliver either a standard or custom designed motor or actuator solution.

Our Engineering staff is available to assist you in properly selecting and sizing a motor. Prototyping is available for OEM applications. Design possibilities include: low and high temp, wet motors, high altitude, custom shafts, cables, connectors and much more, or other special requirements.

Designed in the USA, SLMTI works with you to deliver the custom motor or sub-assembly you require for a complete turn key solution

custom motors wet fuel pump motor


Custom Airborne Fuel Transfer/Backup Pump Motor for jet aircraft. Explosion Proof, Fuel Flooded "Wet" Design. Custom mounting, shafting, and connectorization. Bonded. RTCA DO-160D internal EMI filter. IP65 O-ring sealed. 100% dynamometer testing. Stainless steel mounting bracket.

- 28 Volt DC, - 7 Amps, - 25 in-oz Cont. Torque, - 8300 RPM, -40ºC to +100ºC operation

custom motors camera lift actuator


Custom Designed Airborne Camera Lift Actuator System. Positions infrared & optical cameras on surveillance & security aircraft. Redundant dual drive motor/clutch assemblies, worm drive gear reduction holding brake, EMI filtering, Bulkhead mounting plate.

- 28 Volt DC, - 5.3/5.3 Amps, - 10 in-lbs Cont. Torque, - 70 in-lbs Peak Torque, - 15 in-lbs Holding Torque, -40ºC to +100ºC Operation, - 9 lbs Unit Weight


EMI Filtering, scaled design. High efficiency planetary gearhead. Aerospace design, Brushless

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