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Our gearheads are designed to work with DC or AC motors in motion control applications for the purpose of controlling the speed and increasing the torque. They feature high quality durable construction with your choice of gearing style. Many are compatible with NEMA standards for easy OEM usage.

Our applications department can help you select the correct gearhead. Our specialty is extreme environments, military, aerospace and robotic applications that demand precise control with quality construction


planetary gearheads

Planetary gears are especially suitable for industrial applications. The planetary gears are lubricated with an adhesive grease. These gears make it possible to transmit high torque in a small volume. Self-centering wheels guarantee a symmetrical distribution of power. The ring gearing also represents the gear casing.


right angle gearheads

A special feature of the worm gears is the smooth running. The zinc die-cast is designed for foot and flange mounting. The worm shaft has bearings on both sides. The gearing is made out of steel and bronze parts. The lubricating crease guarantees a high lifetime at the rated torques stated.

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