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Since 1972 Dynetic Systems, which is a privately held company, has been dedicated to design and manufacture precision quality, instrument grade,DC Servo Motors, Actuators, and related motion control products that seamlessly operate in your equipment/devices.



Whatever your needs in motion control, Dynetic Systems is prepared to deliver to your specifications. Whether you need very low or very high RPM, custom windings to match unique applications or any ofour other special capabilities, you can depend on Dynetic Systems to work closely with your technical and production personnel to find the perfect fit.



With almost one third of the company devoted to engineering our commitment to customer's application development is known throughout the industry. Over the past 30 years we have designed motors for thousands of applications such as robotic drives, unmanned vehicle controls, military assault weapons, radar systems, UUV propulsion devices, positioning gearmotors for gimble mounts, medical beds, conveyor systems, web tensioning, positioning stages, CNC machine centers.

With our 3D CAD program, we are able to be flexible enough to build to print or customize one of our standard motor designs per your application request.



High-grade quality materials experienced craftsmanship, unique designs, a fine-tuned manufacturing process with a painstaking quality control system 100% testing and protective packaging result in a motion control product from Dynetic Systems that perform 24/7. This formula has served our customers needs for over 30 years. Do your motion control needs deserve anything less?



Dynetic Systems many years of application experience with mechanical and electrical aspects of motion control is exceeded only by our personalized support and thorough discussion of your applications.Our specialty is integrating gearing, encoders, tachometers, filters and brakes with servo motion to provide a cost effective solution to your application opportunities.

Manufacturer of Highly Engineered Motors and Motion Control Products
SL Montevideo
2002 Black Oak Ave., Montevideo, MN 56265 USA

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