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Our mission is to design and manufacture and distribute precision quality, AC/DC motors, actuators, and related motion control products that seamlessly operate in your equipment/devices.

Dynetic Systems has been dedicated to these principles since our inception in 1972. Our production associates are true craftsman in every sense of the word. Each motor has a significant "Hand Made" content where it counts to assure the highest possible quality. Our attention to detail extends to all phases of the design and manufacturing process and is unique in this industry.

Special capabilities that set Dynetic Systems apart in the marketplace include:

  • EMI/RF filtering to FAA/DOD specifications

  • Sealed designs protected from environmental hazards

  • Hollow shafts for feed-through of vacuum/wire/etc.

  • Actuators/lead screws/brakes/tachometers/encoders integrated into a single design solution

  • Compliance testing to military style specifications

  • Custom connectors, leads and wire harnesses

  • CARC or other special coatings/plating

  • custom brackets and mounting hardware

  • 3D models in Solid Works available for download into your design

  • Voltage/armature winding/wire gauge customized to the application to maximize motor life

Custom Motors

  • Military

  • Medical

  • Aerospace

  • Robotic

Full capability to customize a proven standard product or to completely design a motor drive system based on customer specifications. Our engineering staff has experience designing for medical, military, aerospace and industrial motion control applications.

Premium Motors

  • Military

  • Medical

  • Aerospace

  • Robotic

The premium motor line is specially designed to deliver the highest level of performance. Due to a unique electromechanical design and manufacturing techniques this line of motors is suitable for high demand applications.

Industrial Motors

  • MRO

  • Web Processing

  • Robotic

  • Aerospace

A cost effective solution without sacrificing performance. This wde variety of motors and motion control products are perfect for standard motion applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and power.


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